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Build a startup community in your city.

Would you like to start a startup community but have no resources of your own? Waxdale Pitch Studios is looking for Ecosystem Leaders to operate startup communities in exchange for equity.

About Us

Waxdale Pitch Studios L.P.

Present in Canada and virtually around the globe Waxdale Pitch Studios is basically a simple way for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to us without any pressure. The reason why is because all great ideas should be pursued, and money should not be a problem. We bet that we can build a great relationship with would-be entrepreneurs thus, increase our value over time.

Ecosystem Leaders drive our business.

We believe that only local Ecosystem Leaders can really understand the dynamics regarding entrepreneurship in their countries.

We are looking for motivated people who will join us as Ecosystem Leaders and then will move on to positions such as Director General and Chief Ecosystem Officer for a specific region.

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Integrating cutting-edge technologies

We are a technology-based company and we use software solutions to help launch successful startups.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Where is Waxdale Pitch Studios L.P. located?

    We are a Canadian company located in Montreal Canada. We are a subsidiary of Waxdale Ecosystem Inc. an Ecosystem as a Service organization that operates a startup studio and provides services and tools to entrepreneurs and startups throughout the startup lifecycle.

  • What is the main job of the Ecosystem Leader?

    The Ecosystem Leader will increase our presence in specific international cities and towns. Through our Pitch Studio concept the Ecosystem Leader will listen to entrepreneur startup pitches and evaluate the startup projects based on three things: (1) potential, (2) feasibility, (3) the eagerness of the entrepreneur to start his/her project. Then based on his/her evaluation the Ecosystem Leader will provide a discounted price to the entrepreneur so we can help the entrepreneur start his/her project.

  • How is the Ecosystem Leader paid?

    The Ecosystem Leader will receive between 20% to 30% of the project revenues as commission. The Ecosystem Leader is also eligible for a yearly bonus.

  • What is the career progression of the Ecosystem Leader?

    The best Ecosystem Leaders will become Director Generals and will be assigned to onboard more Ecosystem Leaders for a specific city or town. The top Director Generals will become the country’s Chief Ecosystem Officer. The Director Generals and Chief Ecosystem Officer will be offered a salary.

  • What are you looking for in an Ecosystem Leader?

    Passionate individuals who love entrepreneurship. They need to speak the local language and English.

  • Will I be trained?

    Yes, we have specific processes to follow and we train our Ecosystem Leaders extensively to put them in the best position to succeed.

  • Is this a multi-level marketing scheme?

    No, not at all. We do not support this model. We respect other companies’ business models, but we do not pay anyone to bring us more Ecosystem Leaders. The Ecosystem Leaders are paid a commission based on sales not on referrals.

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